Originally looking for something to complement her many other physical pursuits, Cynthia began practicing yoga in 1993 to calm her mind and strengthen her body. Yoga opened up a whole new world for her – one that seamlessly connected mind, body and spirit in an energizing yet calming way. It provided the essential tools for finding greater balance, awareness, openness and stillness – both on and off the mat. Looking to share her passion with others, Cynthia took her Yoga Teacher Training, got certified and began sharing her inspired approach with others. She is registered and insured with the Canadian Yoga Alliance and frequently attends trainings, retreats, workshops and classes both at home and abroad to further enhance her practice and to share with her students.

Cynthia’s classes range in intensity and focus. Central to her teaching is an  emphasis on the importance of breath and the critical role it plays in achieving peace of mind. Cynthia’s inherent enthusiasm, keen sense of humour and varied yoga experience serve to guide students on the path to self discovery, mindful awareness and proper yoga alignment. Her approach inspires students to have the courage and confidence to progress their practice by breaking down barriers, both real and perceived. Cynthia credits the amazing teachers she has had on her own personal journey over the past twenty years (Hatha, Iyengar, Jivamukti, Restorative & Pilates) and feels privileged to be in a position to share her experience and knowledge with others.

Cynthia’s teaching passion knows no bounds; from competitive athletes to corporate or stay-at-home moms and dads to world ranking competitive swimmers to those dealing with chronic illness, she focuses on benefiting her students in immeasurable ways. Cynthia offers retreats, private in-home practice (yours or hers), off site team or corporate training or small group classes.

Cynthia, in partnership with her husband Jonathan and their two children, recently relocated to The Blue Mountains from Toronto, in a quest to be closer to nature and all it offers.

Yoga Styles Offered: Hatha - Iyengar & Jivamukti influenced, SUP yoga, Yin, Core, Vinyasa Flow, Gentle, Restorative-Certified with Judith Lasater Hanson, Chair, Prenatal


"Cynthia's yoga classes are truly a joy to attend, full of enthusiasm and very professional. She makes a point to walk around each person to align them and she models poses for every level, ranging from beginner to more advanced. Each class has a beginning, middle and conclusion, and her instructions are knowledgable, clear and concise. Cynthia is a wonderful yoga instructor incorporating the physical with the spiritual side of yoga. What a treat her classes are!!!" - Vera

"I have attended several of Cynthia's classes, usually arriving quite stressed. Within minutes her smile and friendly manner puts me totally at ease. Her classes are challenging and totally relaxing. I always leave feeling refreshed and energized, also with a smile on my face because she is funny and makes the class truly enjoyable. I always feel like everything else - all the worries, rushing around and time schedules disappear when I am in her class. It is just great!" - NG

"Cynthia is a fantastic Yoga instructor. Through her calming instruction I am really able to focus on my practice and not worry about what others are thinking or doing. I always leave her class feeling energized and refreshed, and each week I see my flexibility improve. I like her classes so much that I asked her to run a private class for my entire family (ages 12-72). She was able to adjust instruction perfectly to suit the varying levels of experience in the class." - MC

"Cynthia's joyful energy along with her warm personality welcome each student to her classes. The setting is calm and inviting. She varies her classes which present new challenges to the student. Yoga with Hope is a real "gem" in the community!" - Linda

"It is how I start my weekend - with Cynthia's Saturday morning class.  I often wake up overwhelmed by my list of chores, but I leave her class with a positive perspective.  She always reads out little quotes or truisms that realign my thinking.  By 10:45 am, I have done something for myself, my body and my mental state." - Allison Duff

"For the past ten weeks, I have been attending Cynthia's Teen Girls yoga class. This class includes myself and five other girls. Every session has been engaging, spiritual and informative. I have come to appreciate the challenges and benefits of yoga practice and feel it has improved my lifestyle outside of the class, while providing a fun and enlightening source of physical activity during my busy schedule. Last winter I sustained a partially torn ACL while skiing and I have been trying different activities to strengthen the muscles around my knee and build my range of motion.  The injury means I don't have as much stability in my left leg but Cynthia has been very conscious throughout the classes to make modifications so I am able to participate. When I am unable to do certain poses due to the pressure on my knee, Cynthia has shown me alternative poses that achieve the same objective without the stress on my knee.  I am very grateful that Cynthia has made this class suitable for my knee injury and have enjoyed this experience every much. I hope to continue my yoga practice for many years to come and connect the lessons I’ve learned on the mat to my everyday life." - SM