Corporate Instruction

Yoga With Hope provides corporations and workplaces with the convenience of on-site yoga classes. Yoga With Hope will tailor a class to meet the needs of your group which will includea physical component of stretching and strengthening, and a deep focus on the breath. Yoga, as a practice, increases concentration and reduces stress – the #1 cause of employee absenteeism according to Statistics Canada.

A yoga class in the workplace is a fantastic opportunity for teambuilding. Yoga practice can improve communication and morale at work and contribute to an overall sense of well-being among employees, as well as address certain challenges inherent in many jobs – carpel tunnel syndrome, chronic muscle pain, tension, and emotional stress.

A series of 10 one hour classes can help facilitate a remarkable improvement in the above mentioned conditions, allowing employees to better focus on their respective tasks.

Please contact Cynthia: for further details.

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