School Instruction

Yoga With Hope creates a safe and encouraging environment for teens to develop mindfulness, and to foster compassionate awareness of self and others. The program helps to build a sense of community and connectedness for students within their respective schools. Programs can be set up during regular Phys-Ed classes or after school. 

Yoga With Hope includes breathing exercises (pranayama), warm-ups, yoga postures (asanas), deep relaxation, and meditation (pratyahara) techniques to strengthen students’ awareness of the connection between their minds and their physical bodies.

Emotional Benefits

  • Learning to become non-reactive

  • Feeling more contented and enthusiastic

Mental Benefits

  • Improves focus and concentration

  • Better quality and duration of sleep

  • Reduces stress

Physical Benefits

  • Increases flexibility, improves balance and enhances core strength

  • Increases confidence in physical abilities regardless of limitations

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“Cynthia did an excellent job teaching yoga to my grade 12 leadership students.  She took the time to explain each of the poses in great detail, while maintaining a patient and calming presence throughout.  Cynthia had my students work on trying to be in the moment during their yoga practice and the students raved about our yoga sessions with Cynthia!” - Sarah Jackson, Etobicoke Collegiate Institute, Assistant Curriculum Leader Business and Computer Studies